Call & Culture.

At King's Church we have 3 reason why we exist (our Call) and 6 ways we live (our Culture).

Our Call:

Pursue His Presence

Build His People

Live His Purpose

The Church is the place where God lives by His Holy Spirit. We believe this is the starting point for everything we do. We seek more of His presence in our lives so we can grow as His people and live out His Kingdom purpose in the world around us.

Our Culture:


Is about giving value. We do this through worshipping God as our greatest treasure in life, recognising our worth as His children and holding one another in high regard.


Is our heartfelt response to God's great love for us. We surrender our lives to God's word, give ourselves to prayer and seek to serve one another in the Church family and beyond.


Is about living with integrity. We intentionally let others see who we really are, speak the truth in love and build genuine relationships.


Is where everyone is welcome and diversity is valued. We do this through showing love, kindness and forgiveness to all.


Is the kind of faith that overcomes fear. We listen to the Holy Spirit, take risks to see Kingdom breakthrough, and celebrate obedience rather than outcomes.


Is giving extravagantly from the resources God has provided. We do this through giving our money, resources and time for the good of others.

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