Commission Groups.

Jesus’ issued His final instructions to His disciples in the great commission, indicating the high level of priority He was placing on them. He told them to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19). Our Commission Groups are a response to this call.

We believe that following Jesus is not just about going to church meetings but engaging with the church mission to make more disciples of Christ. Our Sunday morning meetings are the place where we connect to the teaching, worship and community of the church, but it mustn’t stop there. Our commission groups are the place where we connect to the mission of the church and go deeper relationally with one another.

These groups meet mid-week during term time in people’s homes and the vision is very simple:

Make disciples

We want to see every believer growing in maturity.

Multiply disciples

We want to see every believer responding to the call to go and make more disciples

In order to achieve this, we aim to emphasise three things in our groups:

Reading the word of God together
Applying the word of God to our lives
Reaching out to others

We believe as we seek to make these things a priority, our relationships will deepen, our maturity will grow and we will become a church family that’s truly on mission together.

To join one of our commission groups you can sign up below:

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