Street by Street.

Will you join us?

Every great move of God starts with prayer and we need Him now!

Over this season of COVID19 we have had weekly online prayer meetings, where we have prayed for our ourselves, our city, our nation and the nations. God had stired our hearts and taught us how to pray afresh. Inspire by stories of other churches doing similar things, we now feel it is time to get out of our walls and pray for our city street by street, asking for his Kingdom to come and trusting and beleiving that he will answer.

So why not join us and take ownership of where you live, target places that need prayer and play your part in saturating our city, and the surrounding areas, in prayer

Choose Your Athletic Style

  • Sprint: I’m going to the streets near where I live and praying for them again and again

  • Marathon: I’m praying for as many streets as I can

  • Javelin: I’m asking God to speak to me for specific households and businesses in the area, then I’m directing my prayers with what I feel He’s saying

  • Hurdles: Instead of jumping over litter, I’m picking it up and leaving the place better than when I got there - both spiritually and physically

  • Pole vault: I’m bringing a friend with me and we’re learning how to pray together, launching one another into big prayers

  • Long jump: I’m challenging myself to offer to pray for people I bump into on my walk


How To Pray


Jesus told us to pray “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matt 6v10) so our prayers will be for bad things to stop, and the good things of God’s Kingdom to start. What does God’s Kingdom look like?

  • God’s presence: pray that those in the houses you walk past would encounter His presence. Pray for innovation and economic stability for families and businesses

  • Justice: pray for oppression to stop e.g. domestic violence

  • Healing: pray for physical healing, that the virus won’t make people sick in that street

  • Salvation: pray that people who live and work there will meet Jesus!

  • Peace: pray for an end to depression and anxiety, release God’s peace on those households

  • Comfort: pray for those who mourn, that they will be comforted

  • Joy: pray for good connection for families this summer, pray for friendships for those who feel isolated

Demonstrate the Kingdom

As Christian's we are called not to just pray for the kingdom to come but to demnstrate it too.

So as you walk, look out for opportunities to demonstrate the kingdom around you. Maybe you'll be able to pick up litter? Maybe you'll see an opportunity to help someone in need.

If someone asks what you're doing a great response would be "We are praying for this street that God would bless the people here. Is there anything we can pray for you for?"


Practically Speaking

Let us know where you have been praying with this simple form.

Or send us your route with your favourite mapping app:

You can go on your own, pray and walk with family or with friends making sure you are following the government's socially distant guidelines.

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