Super 6's.

The Bible tells us that the Christian life was never meant to be lived alone. God designed his people to be a family, living life together in community. One of the challenges for the church over the last year has been continuing those relationships whilst not being able to meet face to face. While we are so blessed by the ability to be together online, this is no match for meeting in person.

So as restrictions ease, we want to make the most of the opportunities we have to meet, while following government advice. This is where our Super 6's come in! Each week there will be a range of gatherings planned for up to 6 people. Whether that’s a walk, a BBQ in someone's garden, or a cycle ride together, there should something for everyone!

Our Super 6's will be a great way to reconnect and build new friendships as we start to meet together again. All you need to do is click on one of the events, sign up and turn up. We are so looking forward to seeing you again in 3D!


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