When you are having a rough time in life, it can often be hard to know where to turn. Our vision is that we would be the kind of church family that looks out for one another, takes care of one another and seeks to help and support one another through life’s challenges as much as we can. The Bible clearly teaches that each one of us has a responsibility of care to our bothers and sisters in faith.

Sometimes though, people need that bit of additional support that goes beyond what the general care of the church family can provide. This is where our Pastoral Team can help. The vision of the Pastoral Team is to help people find strength in God.

Whilst there is an array of professional help available today which we would seek to make referrals to where necessary, we believe the ultimate answer is found in the person of Jesus Christ. We want to help people know God as their perfect Father, Jesus as their saviour, peace and hope, and the Holy Spirit as our help and comforter.

If you feel you need some support from our Pastoral Team please get in touch by emailing



07469 759475

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